Fantasy Cricket Tips

fantasy cricket tips


Cricket is an action packed game that is loved in India. When playing fantasy cricket, you select players to make a fantasy cricket team. The virtual team you have selected will then score points to help you rise the ranks and earn more based on the performance of the players in the actual field. To play fantasy cricket, you will need to download the apps that support the game in India for instance KhelChamps app. These fantasy cricket apps provide you with the best user experience with their lineup of players and fantasy cricket tips to form a great team. Read on to find out why you should play fantasy cricket and the tips you can use to win more. 

Fantasy cricket tips you should consider

Fantasy cricket is just as impressive as the real cricket game in the pitch. The only difference is that in fantasy, you have to formulate your own virtual team and see how it fairs. The following tips will help you play  fantasy cricket like a pro.

  • Select a team of players with great performance record- before entering the Fantasy cricket league, you need to select players who have shown consistency in the field and are in good form
  • Pick the right captain and vice-captain- it is usually said that the right captain steers the cricket team forward in the correct manner for more winnings. Choose a captain and vice-captain who will earn you more points
  • Check out the condition of the cricket field and weather on the day of the game- the outcome of a cricket game in India will most likely be affected by prevailing weather conditions. When the pitch is dry, choose more spinners
  • Create multiple teams- one good team is great, however, having multiple teams in your Fantasy cricket league can cushion you from losses when one team loses. 
  • Follow cricket sports updates and post-match analysis to understand more of the game and know which players will make the next team. This knowledge will help you predict future wins and form a better team
  • Choose a top-order batsman since they play the most balls thus earning you the most number of points
  • Enter more contests- the goal of playing Fantasy cricket is to bet and win. Join more contests and increase your chances of winning

Factors to consider before playing

While fantasy cricket gives you exciting deals and offers, there are some things to put into consideration in order to make the best decisions. 

  • Promo codes- check if the app has any promo codes you can use to claim an offer on the league. These bonuses and cashbacks will give you more chances to play hence win more
  • The toss- find out which players will be active on the pitch when a toss is made and change your line up when need be depending on the team that bats first. It is important that you maintain players who add value in the field
  • Credit worth- Invest your credit wisely since experienced and famous players will cost you more. Therefore, ensure that there is a balance between your players and only wager an amount you can comfortably afford
  • Your team- find out if you have 11 players required on the cricket field. Make sure that you have bowlers, all-rounders, batsmen and wicket-keepers on your team to make it a full team
  • The app/site that offers fantasy cricket- you should find out the legality of the app or site you want to play on. There are many apps and sites in India that offer Fantasy Cricket platforms therefore you need to check reviews by other players and choose a credible site
  • The game dates- many exciting matches happen daily, ensure you know the dates which your teams are playing in the actual field
  • Number of contests available- since you are not limited to playing one game, check out whether there are any other open contests and join

Reasons You Should Play

Cricket is one of the most popular games in India that one can bet on and win large amounts of money. Fantasy Cricket which happens in the virtual space is as exciting as the real game. And you only need your phone and a stable internet connection

  • Big winnings- Fantasy Cricket allows for you to win money as you bet on your favourite games 
  • Showcase your cricket skills and knowledge- as a cricket fanatic, Fantasy cricket lets you brag about your experience by letting you make powerful decisions for the team
  • Create your own team- you have the power to form a team you want, choose your favourite players and be a coach, albeit of a virtual team


Trust your decisions when betting and follow the fantasy cricket tips above to make better teams and win more money.

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