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Yes, Betway is indeed legit. It’s not a fraud, because they’ve been around and paying winning winners for years in Europe, and across Asia. There are however an increase in Betway complaints in India. We are not sure if this is specifically an India only issue or it happens across other countries that Betway serves. 

Some of the complaints we’ve seen front Trustpilot are:


With regards to this, some complaints have risen about the quality of games and service offered by Betway. They have also complained about some payment issues that have been experienced by some bettors. In response to these complaints, Betway web developers have introduced several features and options that aim to resolve these issues. 

Changes and Improvements Made by Betway

Some of the changes made to combat the negative user experiences, Betway casinos now no longer accept payments from certain Internet sites that use game software that could easily download virus, spyware or any other malicious software to play online. These programs are developed by third parties and it would not be safe for Betway to provide access to them. This step has been taken in response to previous complaints by Internet users that had been stung by several fake security threats that were distributed through fake email attachments or through “scam” websites. With this new policy, Betway can now confidently state that they are offering a safe and secure online betting experience to every time one plays a bet.

Betway has also implemented a variety of bonuses and promotions that make the online gaming experience of players even more exciting. In their slot games section, Betway has added slot tournaments that require players to enter a tournament to win jackpots. So, despite some negative reviews and Betway complaints in India, it is more important to try it out and judge it for yourself and derive your own conclusion. It is best to contact their support if you have any issues via before making any complaints online.

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