About Fun88 India Online Casino & Cricket Fantasy Sports


Fun88 India Online offers some of the best gaming categories such as cricket fantasy sports,  live casino,e-sports, sports, online poker, fishing games, slots, baccarat, and many more! Built on the best regional gaming platforms such as Pragmatic Play, TF e-Sports, Microgaming , Playtech, Angel P2P. We even carry some of you all time favourites such as BG Palace.  

The History of Fun88 in India

Online casinos have been in operation in countries such as Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and more. In the past, there have been rumors of illegal operators operating online gambling facilities out of the Indian slums. It is believed that these illegal casinos would be operated from dingles or small houses. Today, they are much more sophisticated and are on the cutting edge of technology and security.

Fun88 India was established by Vinoth Prakash in 2010, out of his small I.T office in Bangalore, India. After graduating in the UK in computer science, Vinoth was amazed at how the betting industry was very prevalent in the UK. It was also a very mature industry and betting was very much a part of many Brits. After working for a few years in the UK, he left to work in China and Philippines in tech, which is where he discovered that online casinos are a lot more accessible and yet sophisticated in terms of security. Vinoth worked with authorities in the Philippines to acquire an official PAGGOR license before  founding Fun88 India after getting inspired by the online casino trends in Philippines and China. Today, Fun88 is a global conglomerate with operations in 4 countries and has over 300 staffs worldwide. 

Interactive Live Casino

Play some of the all time favorite table games from the comfort of your homes! We have the best baccarat, roulette, poker, blackjack and so much more. The gameplay and UI are top notch, as it comes from the most reputable game producers in Playtech, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play and many more. 

SportsBook Online

Get involved in the latest cricket match with Fun88 India Online’s sports betting programs. Place your bets in IPL, ICC, and more. Fun88 India Online partners with IM Sports and SABA Sports in India to bring you  the best experience. 

Online Slots

You can’t go wrong with them as India’s passion for slots have put these brands on the top of every Indian gamer’s list. 

Esport Online Betting Platform

A true innovator, Fun88 India Online offers Esports betting and is one of the first company in the country to offer this innovative betting offering to Esports fans. Esports has been taking over the world, and in India, the craze started with  Counterstrike, Starcraft, Dota, and now Mobile Legends and PUBG. Fun88 India Online is capitalizing on what the fans are asking for and delivering them to gamers. 

Online Live Casino

Fun88 India Online brings in the best of online casino India to greater heights. Play Indian rummy, baccarat , blackjack, roulette, poker and other Indian favorites. Check out the promo page for massive promos and welcome bonus!


The most popular Indian slot games are right here on Fun88 India Online, but with even bigger promos! Don’t miss out on the promos that you can’t find anywhere else! 

Promotions & Bonuses

Win more with Fun88 India Online’s epic promotions! Our Promotions are unique and customized specially for you.  

World Class Security

We take your data and privacy seriously. Fun88 India Online India invests in the top security infrastructure to ensure our players can play with peace of mind that their personal data is completely safe.

Best in the Industry Promos

Fun88 India Online comes up with some of the most innovative and attractive promo packages every few weeks. Our aim is to keep our players engaged and return often to Fun88 India Online.

Trusted Brand in India

Fun88 India Online only deals with the premier casino brands that Indians love. We prefer established casino game creators that have a proven track record and credibility, so that our players can get the best gaming experience and confidence in gaming safely at Fun88 India Online.